GSC FRee voice chat -----EVERY ONE PLZ READ-----

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GSC FRee voice chat -----EVERY ONE PLZ READ-----

Post by Axeguy on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:17 pm

i have recently found a FREE 2 use in game voice chat that we can use 2 talk 2 each other in case . A , some one mic in CA is-int working, they can still hear and or talk 2 us . b, say if some one is playing a different game other then CA , this way we can talk 2 them if we need them 2 come on CA. C, say ur in a game AND not paying attention 2 chat , this way u can hear us and no that we need u for a cw .

i encourage every one 2 use this even if u don't have a mic at least u can still hear us.

here is the link

if u need help with finding the server let me no ,

the server name is

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